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i3 wins the 2022 SIA NPS award for best in hosted solutions at ISC West 2022

i3 wins the 2022 SIA NPS (New Product and Solutions) award for best in hosted solutions at ISC West, Las Vegas, NV.

Over the past 15 years, i3 has been rigorously training its Ai algorithm to detect objects and human characteristics accurately. The need to process these images without heavy infrastructural and financial investment to the user has been a long-overlooked gap in the video analytics segment. i3 International saw the need for an affordable, accessible, and efficient method of leveraging millions of existing non-ai IP and HD analog cameras in service of machine learning and video analytics. 



Business owners are constantly looking for ways to strengthen their operational efficiency and customer experience. i3's Ai Cloud helps you take advantage of this technology by turning your cameras into smart Ai-enabled cameras. This solution allows you to collect customer behavior data and help marketers create personalized products or services for customers. 

The advancement of these detection algorithms can now be fully supported in the i3's Ai Cloud. By leveraging the power of cost-effective offsite servers' organizations can now implement Ai detection on all existing cameras without replacing their existing CCTV hardware. 

This solution is a significant step forward for i3 international and its' integrators.